Using Curves in Photoshop 7

Have you heard about how powerful the Curves functionality of Photoshop is for making color adjustments to an image?  Have you "played" with curves but still fail to grasp how changing the shape of the curves affects an image?

Many people will often go to the Photoshop Users forum in search of help from others, but sometimes that help is difficult to provide even through a series of several message postings.  In an effort to help fellow Photoshop users better understand Curves, Ronald Hirsch ( has compiled what he has learned about Curves into a PDF document which he describes as follows:

This document is a "condensed" compilation of material from several sources to help users to understand and use the various elements in the curves window. This is not a tutorial on color correction procedures.  But, like chess, before you can learn to play the game, you must first learn how the pieces move. You can then concentrate on how to play the game. This document is designed to help you "learn how the pieces move" in the curves window.

To view Ron's document, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, downloadable by clicking here or on the image at left.

To open or download "Using and Understanding Photoshop 7 Curves" (168KB) by Ronald Hirsch, click here or on the Adobe PDF icon at left.

Any questions or comments regarding the content of  "Using and Understanding Photoshop 7 Curves" should be directed to Ronald Hirsch (