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Adobe PhotoshopWelcome to the area of my website that is dedicated to providing information in support of working with Adobe Photoshop...and possibly some criticism where warranted.  I don't proclaim to be any sort of expert with Photoshop, but occasionally I will read or hear questions posed about Adobe Photoshop that I'm actually able to answer or shed some light on.  To that end, some of my answers may take the form of the examples documented herein.  By all means, if you find anything presented here to be in error or confusing, please e-mail me and I'll make whatever changes are appropriate.  I started my website quite some number of years ago and don't currently maintain it much at all, so if you come across outdated information or non-working links, feel free to email me about that and I will take some time to remove it from the site.

This area won't necessarily focus just upon Adobe Photoshop either.  Basically, I just add things from time to time that may be of use, and much of that is driven initially by my interest in Photoshop and building a PC that effectively supports it.

While there are tons of useful websites available in support of Photoshop, I've only listed a few below since I've not even scoured the web too much myself.  As I learn of new sites of interest, I'll add their links to the list.  Mainly, the links just add a bit more usefulness to this particular page as I direct you to the contents pane at the left for the specific information I've provided.  If you have any comments or questions, I again invite you to e-mail me.



Web Links 

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  3. Adobe Support
  4. Adobe Forum Index
  5. Creative Bloq - Search for Photoshop Tutorials
  6. Certstaffix Training - A Beginner's Guide to Photoshop
  7. DavroPhotoFX - Making Photoshop a pleasure instead of a challenge
  8. Digital Arts - 86 Best Photoshop Tutorials
  9. Digital
  10. WWWeb-Massters Photosho Tutorials
  11. Hands-On Training by DocOzone
  12. Ian Lyons' Computer Darkroom
  13. Lunacore - Where people go for detailed Photoshop tutorials
  14. Phong - Photoshop Tutorials
  15. PhotoshopCafe Homepage
  16. The Photoshop Guru's Handbook
  17. PhotoshopNews
  18. Photoshop Restoration & Retouching
  19. Photoshop Tutorials - Home
  21. The Plugin Site - Adobe Photoshop plugins
  22. RetouchPRO
  23. The Russell Brown Show - Photosop Tips & Techniques