I Can't

What are dreams but unrealized wishes dressed in the guise of illusion?

I have a dream, and it begins as my gaze falls upon her.

My heart is lifted, as it sinks...
Buoyed by the dreams of a reality I think possible,
While weighted by the illusion created from foolish hope.

My trials of the past leave me certain I have matured
Such that old mistakes are lessons never repeated.

A familiar description returning to my mind,
I resolve to cast out hope and pursue optimism.

"Don't give up!" I tell myself repeatedly,
A passion so intense surely cannot be fueled alone.

The warmth of the fire surrounds us both
Even when I say "will you", and she says "I can't".

At arm's length she keeps me, while teasing me with a hug.
Taking her into my arms, I embrace her with my soul.

There is nothing I am afraid of revealing
And my heart is given to her completely.

We share quiet moments that feel nearly intimate,
If only they were more private.

Allow the world to listen, and it will hear my heart shout
"A one-sided love it may be, but genuine as well, no doubt."

There is something there, something mutual and wonderful
I refuse to give up on and which I've known her to acknowledge.
I choose to believe that about this she would not lie.

Bending her elbow and taking her hand,
I invite her to quit saying "I can't"
And, to opening a new door, say "I can."

AMBRESS, June 2005


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