Carpe Diem

Carpe diem! Seize the day!
Hope springs from an opportunity revealed in a twist of fate.
Recognizing the ease with which one can resist change,
I am aware that my particular route needs redirection.
Seeking to pursue a fresh new course, an invitation is planned.

The expression of interest is sincere, offered in written words.
If the thoughts were spoken they might not flow as smoothly.
No, I must capture the moment and clearly announce my intent,
Else the environment of this request could betray my character.

Evening arrives and I ponder how to avail her my introduction.
Luck by my side, our paths cross naturally with brief words shared.
After this friendly exchange, I extend her my questioning prose.
In her response I find encouragement, on her face a welcoming smile.

No promise is made, as she is challenged by schedule and priorities;
Excited by hope, my spirit is elevated above these obstacles.
With time so preciously scarce, I struggle to remain patient.

Honestly expressing my interest, she need not second guess me.
All I seek is that which will allow us to discover one another.
Leaving no questions unanswered, I offer her an open book.

Excited by the chemistry of an initial acquaintance,
Yesterday seized finds me smiling, in pursuit of a happy tomorrow!

AMBRESS, Aug. 1993

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