Dare to Dream

Dare a person ever reveal their dreams,
Expressing the private stories of their inner self?

Built from a collection of past experiences,
Often intertwined with hopes for the future,
Revelation of such intimate thoughts may expose one's soul.

Anxious to share these dreams, a bold step is taken.
Holding fast to personal ideals and heartfelt beliefs,
Shunning any notion that realities cannot be transformed,
Utopia is pursued with a tenacious passion.

Ever aware the imaginary paradise is an elusive fantasy,
Celebrations arise from enjoying but a few precious elements.
Luck or fate, the treasure is enough without demanding more.

As part of one's fanciful visions take root in reality,
Comfort is taken in recognizing one simple truth...

Knowing some dreams do come true, hope will never die.

AMBRESS, Feb. 1994

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