Deja' Vu
I find myself driving,
Along an uncharted road;

My route uncertain,
My destination unknown,
The road appears endless...

To my rear are memories
Of what was yet couldn't be,
Of mistakes made
And lessons learned.

Ahead, beyond the distant horizon,
Lie unfilled dreams and expectations
Beckoning me forward.

Confused by mixed feelings
Of hope and despair,
I find myself engulfed
Amidst a flurry of emotions.

Thoughts rush through my mind
Like the road that sweeps
In a blur beneath my feet.

Slowing down
To consider my progress,
I observe a familiarity in my actions.

Ever anxious
To see a realization of my dreams,
I discover the burning passion within
Has steered me astray.

Wandering into unknown territories,
Lost in my desires,
I follow a course with no direction.

Regaining my focus,
My dreams still alive,
I accelerate forward...

AMBRESS, Jan. 1992

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