The Dove and The Raven

Here is perched a lonely Raven,
Hiding away in his private haven.

Thinking of the day he met a beautiful Dove,
He felt for certain he had discovered new love.

Drawing her near, sheltered under his wing,
He hoped for real love, her heart would soon sing.

Yet when the words "I love you" he then did say,
The precious Dove spread her wings and flew away.

The Raven soared high up into the sky,
Destined to be alone, he'd rather just die.

Diving toward the ground, now controlling his fate
He would put to a finish what seemed an endless wait.

To end it all now and finally give his heart rest
He plummeted toward the ground in this ultimate test.

But as this final destination drew near
The Raven felt his pride take over his fear.

With broad feathers steering him back up to a cloud
His feelings carried him onward, determined and proud.

Swooping far and wide in search of his Dove
He found her again, and in one another, true love.

A Raven and a Dove, two hearts joined as one,
Build a trust in each other that will never be undone.

United together, they sing a happy song;
Listen close and you'll hear the melody long.

The notes are robust, full of joy and affection,
Singing of two lives shared and of newfound direction.

Having found one another, their future an open door,
They pass through it together and are lonely nevermore!

AMBRESS, April 1999

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