Call her an angel, for I feel she is heaven-sent.
Holding her in my arms, the world around me vanishes.
Reconsidering that thought, perhaps she is more a magician?
Invisible now is the void that I feared might define my destiny.

Spellbound, that which is contrary and I cannot typically ignore
Turns insignificant such that I am awed by her true beauty.

Inviting windows to her soul, her eyes beckon my endless gaze,
Nearly drowning me in the thoughts inspired by this vision
And igniting the passion to explore the mystery within.

For all that the world sees of her and seems to take for granted,
Rare moments together expose what can be seen eyes wide shut.
Always welcoming such opportunities to repeat themselves,
No doubt what I have learned thus far is but a whisper of her being.

Calling her inner voice to speak she knows my heart will listen,
Eager to hear her most private thoughts as she opens herself to me.
Such is the trust and affection awaiting her, the respect that I offer.

Surely though she sees my heart upon my sleeve, her vision differs.
Our worlds exist in different orbits, never to merge as one.

Loving what I have found yet knowing a mutual love eludes me,
I can only hold onto the hope that she who today is my enigma
Shall be but another step toward finding she who is my reality.

AMBRESS, April 2003


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