Without any friends, what would we do?
No one would be left in the world for us to talk to.

A friend is a person you know you can trust.
His, or her, advice is often a must.

A friend is a person in whom to confide.
You can tell them a secret which you know they will hide.

Friends are willing to help one another.
They are all of one family as are sisters and brothers.

A friend is a person whose encouraging word or kind deed
Can uplift your spirits when they feel there is a need.

A friendship has a value that no money can buy;
Not even with dollars stacked to reach the sky.

Friends are understanding, thoughtful and kind.
They help solve any problems which come to one's mind.

True friendships end not today, not ever,

A friend who is a true friend, is a friend forever.

AMBRESS, Dec. 1979

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