Extremes of Imagination

Imagine the sun breaking upon the horizon,
brightly beaming across a clear country sky

Imagine the dingy, drab, yellow haze of pollution
choking off the breath of a metropolitan city

Imagine inhaling a breath of fresh air, filling your lungs
as you catch the subtle scent of spring daisies

Imagine lying in a hospital bed with collapsed lungs,
a respirator pumping sterile air into your body

Imagine a prime rib, uniformly marbled and grilled to perfection,
with a savory, melt-in-your-mouth tenderness

Imagine a poor, underdeveloped country,
where a meal is only a potato or rice, and dirty water to drink

Imagine the bronzing warmth of the summer sun
as you lie outstretched upon a white, sandy beach

Imagine the bitter cold of a harsh, winter wind
biting at your ears and leaving your skin numb

Imagine the laughter of a happy, smiling child
as you entertain them with a singing, dancing teddy bear

Imagine the tearful distress and heartache of a woman
who lovingly nurtured a child in her womb but miscarried

Imagine the toothy smile of a sleek dolphin
greeting you as if there is a natural kinship with man

Imagine the cruelty of man as a magnificent shark is caught
only to have its fins sliced off and live body discarded to the sea

Imagine the warm, affectionate embrace of my arms around you,
our passionate hearts beating in unison

Imagine nothing less

Know only this...I love you

AMBRESS, August 2005


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