Thank You Lady Luck

Someone special, so truly worth knowing is this lady.
That was my thought then, and so has it remained...

Each moment spent in her company was a moment too brief.
Pondering the question "What about her captivates me?",
Having known her only a short while and knowing so little,
Answers came not as facts, but rather as feelings and emotions.
Not blinded by her exotic beauty, I knew there was something more.

In the heat of a mid-summer evening, I learned an unwelcome truth:
Events shaping her future were to find her disappearing from my life.

Disappointed that I would never have the chance to know her fully,
Encouragement and support were still offered sincerely.
Nothing but a rich, fulfilling life, that was all I wished
I knew I would miss her, but it was her happiness that concerned me.

So it was that as the years passed, I still remembered her fondly.
Even as I became preoccupied with new changes in my life,
Hope, to see her again, was an everlasting fantasy.
In my wildest dreams, would fate ever allow this opportunity?

Lingering on precious memories, my attention is suddenly distracted.
Looking upon familiar auburn tresses, Lady Luck just smiled at me!

AMBRESS, Oct. 1995

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