A Quest of No Return

For a while of unspecified time,
To a where of unknown destination
A journey has begun to unfold.

Forging new paths using a blank sheet as a map,
An escape from a recent and unfulfilling past is sought.
The future is anticipated with cautious hope.

Like a ship with no anchor and no captain at the helm,
The vehicle for this voyage tosses about in all directions
Anxiously ready, waiting to settle onto a smooth course.

Departure from a vast, barren landscape
Reveals a new world, rich in natural beauty and splendor.

Eagles soaring majestically through fresh, clear skies,
Orcas breaching playfully beyond swaying beds of kelp,
Announce a fertile location that encourages a rebirth of spirit.

Delving into the past, considering the events that formed the mold,
The soul is found cast from many forgotten memories.

But, with these unknowns, there is no fear
For in spite of characteristics defining an uncommon soul,
From the mysteries of youth has evolved a strong, passionate heart.

Contemplating the life that remains to be explored,
A refreshed state of mind no longer dwells on what was
But instead anticipates the wonderment of a dynamic future.

As changes arise to stimulate a rediscovery of self-expression,
Barren lands become seen as fertile fields of opportunity
That encourage the continued exploration of Mother Earth.

Whatever lies beyond the horizon for this traveler of time,
He recognizes there are precious moments to be savored at present.
Holding fast to these new memories, he begins a new quest.

With a renewed attitude, there shall be no return to the past.

AMBRESS, April 1995

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