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Not So Simple to Me

V alued greatly is each passing second of the moments which we shared.

A s I stop and think of what transpired since our first introduction,
L ady Luck must truly have been smiling upon me on that day.

E ntering into conversations where we spoke honestly of ourselves,
N ever too fearful of exposing our hearts to one another,
T reasures of who we are were discovered and explored.

I n her I found an innocent charm, a quiet beauty, a selfless soul
N ever fond of hearing herself described as "so unlike the rest".
E ach time she thought "I am not meant to be loved or with anyone,"
K now this, I would say..."You are so wrong, so deserving of a total love."

I nside, she possessed a tremendous heart but also a shy, subdued passion
S urfacing as a tender, caring warmth that is shared with so many.
S till, within her smoldered a greater love known only to one,
E xperienced as a priceless gift, and never taken for granted.

S imple and plain?  Only in her own thinking.  She's not so simple to me!

Dedicated to a special friend on Valentine's Day

AMBRESS, February 1999

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