A Reawakening

Eyes - the mysterious, captivating windows into the world that is one's soul.

Reaching out, I touch my fingers lightly to her chin, lifting until our questioning gazes meet.
I find myself enchanted, tracing the soft contours of her face with warm, tender caresses.

Numb am I? I am puzzled that my hands remain calm while my heart races wildly!

Nights, days...time has passed me by as I've waited for a woman to reawaken my senses.
I struggle now, feebly attempting to paint with words that which is not tangible - only felt.

Closing my eyes briefly so that my thoughts will not be distracted by her beauty,
Opening them is now a fear - that I will be made aware of what was only a fanciful dream.
Lifting my eyelids slowly, ready to accept a passing fantasy, I see a welcome reality and exclaim...


AMBRESS, Feb. 1997

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