Struck with admiration of her beauty,
Thankful for her honesty,
Each passing day finds me thinking of her.

Passion for someone to care for,
Hope for a life filled with love,
All I can do is dream.

Not meaning to be selfish, I realize I am.
I only wish to know her, not offend her.
Ever persistent, I also have questions...

Doubts enter my mind, I know so little.

Emotions rise within me, both happy and sad.
Never certain of their origin,
I try to escape from my thoughts;
Still, the feelings are slow to subside.

Eventually, my peace of mind returns.

Hope is not a bad thing.
In wait of seeing my dreams fulfilled,
Logic and reason must guide my actions
Lest I forget who I am as She also will.

AMBRESS, Feb. 1992

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