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Tis' All Hallows Eve, the day has turned black.
Where once you sensed calm, there are now shivers up your back.
Hearing the hiss of a cat, the shriek of a mouse,
You question what safety lies within the walls of your house.

Check the windows, the doors...are they all latched?
Remember, this is the night that ghouls and goblins are hatched.

As lightning strikes, all lights go out.
Followed by booming thunder and then, your terrified shout!
But no one is near to hear your brief scream,
Except I the shadow, in your bedroom awaiting your dream.

For when your eyes close and you drift off to sleep,
Up the walls to the ceiling I will stealthily creep.

Gazing upon your form, hidden partly by a quilt,
I feel pangs of desire and lust, albeit without guilt.
With each toss and turn, your body is soon uncovered,
So I descend to meet you, not staying where I hovered.

Your skin is warm and soft to my caressing touch.
Kissing your ear I whisper sweet words and the such.

Dreamily you awaken but your mind is not dead.
What was once a shadow is now the man in your bed!
Feeling his arms wrapped around you, lovingly tight,
You dismiss all fears that came earlier this night.

With loving bites and scratches, and intimate carryings on,
Exhaustion leaves us both sleeping, with smiles, awaiting the dawn!

AMBRESS, Oct. 1994

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