A Stone Uncovered

Not one for rock collecting,
I was surprised one August evening
When I discovered a stone
So unlike those which surrounded it.

Fascinated by the stone's appearance,
I reached down and carefully picked it up.

Initially, I discovered that,
With a smoothly textured surface,
The stone was firm in the hand and yet
Delicate and comforting to hold.

To me, the stone was all this and more.

As if I could see
Beneath the smooth exterior of the stone,
I sensed a unique warmth or glow
Which radiated from within.

I was determined to learn more about the stone,
To appreciate it in a way that only I could.

Upon tossing the stone across a pond,
Rather than skip over the surface
Without a trace of disturbance,
The stone quickly sank.

Deep into the heart of the pond.

Immediately upon striking the water's surface,
The stone set forth a rolling tide
As if strong emotions had been set free
From the murky depths of the pond.
Still curious about the stone,
I quickly retrieved it from the pond.

As if the stone had been weakened
By removing it from the pond,
The stone fractured in the palm of my hand
To reveal its soul.

As sunlight warmly bathed a myriad
Of delicately sculpted green crystals,
The true beauty of the stone was revealed to me.
A beauty unlike any I had experienced before.

Each crystal within the stone
Exhibited a fragile and unique quality.
The facets on every crystal appeared like
Thousands of windows into the soul of the stone.

And yet,
Each delicate crystal,
Upon bonding one with another
Imparted character and strength upon the stone.

Carefully, I returned the stone to the pond.

The pond gently engulfed the stone
And quickly began to caress each facet
Of the newly exposed crystals,
Fully discovering the stone's soul.

As the pond slowly explored the beauty of the stone,
I stepped back and felt, from deep within me,

A new glow.

AMBRESS, July 1993

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