Seconds collecting as minutes become hours lapsing as days...
Time would pass virtually unnoticed if not for thoughts of her.
Each moment brings a breath of fresh air to inflate my lungs;
Perhaps just as natural is the passion for her that fills my heart.

Having little experience to guide me, I must question my feelings.
Aware that loneliness has the power to betray the senses,
Never will I accept that she is merely the figurehead of a fantasy.

In the morning dawn, faint images of a dream fade from memory.
Efforts to recall visions from my slumber reward me with a smile;
Looming just beyond my mind's grasp, she has not vanished entirely.
Yesterday has ended to welcome today with quiet reflections of her.

Never have I felt such surges of emotion as now engulf my soul!
Numbing though it is to bury feelings so joyfully celebrated,
Reality must calm my selfish heart and quell my passions.

Oh, that she might enjoy but a fraction of my sentiment!
Sharing in the excitement, perhaps she would soon understand -
So more real than imagined, to this man, she is truly special!

AMBRESS, Oct. 1993

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