Tides of Passion

I find myself alone, walking an empty beach.
The solemn mood of the night engulfs me,
Disturbed only by waves crashing mightily upon the shore.

As foaming waters rush across my bare feet,
Thousands of tiny bubbles break upon my skin.
Tingling sensations slowly crawl up my spine,
Waking the feelings buried deep within my soul.

Like the high and low tides that send waters upon the shore
Carving abstract impressions in the sand,
Feelings of hope and despair surge throughout my being,
Etching their way into my mind and dominating my thoughts.

As a full moon casts down a soft glow, the tide rises;
Waters rush to meet me and then recede quickly.
Swept from my feet, I am carried out to the ocean depths.

Riding high upon the crest of a towering wave,
I gaze with wonder toward the distant horizon;
Might I catch a fleeting glimpse of an island paradise?

Soon the waves settle and I find myself drifting
With only my thoughts as company.
Staring blankly into the starry midnight sky,
I visualize images of my dreams...

We are together, strolling along the sands of time.
The strength of a shared, honest love binds us as one,
Unshaken by the challenges which have confronted us.

Thundering waves, rising from a distant calm,
Sweep in and pound rocky outcroppings.
We are reminded of our special relationship,
Growing from simple friendship to impassioned affection.

Unlike the shallows and depths that lie before our eyes
Hiding tropical wonders of ocean life from our sight,
Every layer of our being, from inner self to external aura,
Reflects the richness of life we bring one unto the other.

As the rising sun sparkles across the seas, the tide subsides;
Waters withdraw to expose the extended shoreline.
We welcome the opportunities of a new day...

Floating upon a thick bed of seaweed and foam,
I am awakened by the bronzing warmth of the sun.
During a peaceful rest, did I find my paradise?

Swimming back to shore with a renewed sense of hope,
I find myself smiling, walking a crowded beach
In pursuit of a dream.

AMBRESS, Feb. 1992

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