Wishful Thinking

Mesmerized by a stunningly beautiful woman,
Each glance in her direction leaves me caught in a fantasy.
Reckless abandonment of pride defines me the passionate fool.
Ever wishful that she might look my way with favor,
Dare I continue to dream?

In awakening to the reality of a one-sided attraction,
Tears stream forth, wrenched from the fibers of my soul.
Hope, to share the pleasures of her company, washes away.

Am I too particular as to the qualities that excite me?
Not a man blind to the inner beauty of a woman,
Nonetheless, I confess a weakness to superficial charms.

Long struck by hopes following a fateful encounter,
Optimistic, not knowing the challenges that would confront me,
Now I must accept the sorrows I feel.

Gone are my hopes for the present...my dreams shall linger.

AMBRESS, Feb. 1992

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