The Wishing Star

Lying here alone, I gaze into the blackness above me
And, like a distant friend, I see a single shining star.

Then, I make a wish.

I wish for my friend, of whom I think such warm thoughts,
That love will fill her heart and happiness will enter her soul.

Then, I have a thought.

I think of my friend, of whom I discovered an innocent charm.
And I see her caring eyes, which view only the best in others.

Then, I hear a sound.

I hear the sound of her silence, and how she is absent from me.
And I listen to the crying of my heart, as it beats a sad song.

Then, I vent an anger

I vent my anger at the deceiver, whose lies and half-truths
Contributed to a toll upon her heart, causing a great sadness.

Then, I shed a tear.

I cry for how she fails to see a great and honest truth,
Of how she did nothing wrong and remains beautiful throughout.

Then, I know an emptiness.

I find empty a part of my inner self that was touched,
Caressed by a woman who gave me reason to feel more alive.

Then, I have a dream.

I dream of my loved friend and how she is neither alone nor sad,
And how she comes to enjoy a shared and fulfilled life of love.

Then, I find a smile.

I smile for how for all she has given, she now equally receives.
And in the love she receives, she learns of all that I wished for her.

Thank you, Wishing Star.

AMBRESS, February 1999

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