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From: Vance Verbeck <>
To: Ambress <>
Subject: AKR
Date: Monday, May 24, 1999 4:11 PM


I found Anthony’s Key Resort to be just as you described. It is a wonderful dive resort. There was more diving than I could handle. One of the couples on our dive boat, after dragging up to breakfast on about the fourth day, said it was a Nazi Dive Camp. (Ha) I noticed they didn’t miss a single dive, however.

The food was delicious, and the staff was outstanding. We were fortunate, and got divemaster Wendal. I recommend him to anyone. I did notice, however, that the no-see-ums affect different people in different ways. My wife got only a few bites, that started out as a red center with lighter color red ring around it. After about a day or so, it disappeared completely. Me on the other hand, would develop a welt the next day that itches like crazy. Very similar to a chigger bite, or mosquito bite. When we left there I had (and am still recovering from) about 200 such itchy bites. Drove me crazy. We never laid on the beach, and I was always covered with some type of repellent. I think they attacked me after the dive, when rinsing out the dive gear on the pier. The dive instructor there said they live under the pier, and are really attracted to salty skin. Or perhaps they made their way into my dive skin as it hung up to dry overnight. I know for a fact they were attracted to me. Why they chewed on me and not my wife I don’t understand. We were always together. Oh well.

The new bungalows on the key are quite nice. Very comfortable, and the air conditioning made for a good night’s sleep. The people we dove with who didn’t have air conditioning said they wish they had it. The reefs are in excellent shape. Only noticed a few broken pillar coral when we dove at West End Wall, down by the Tabiyana Beach. The sunken freighter, however, is broken up. The aft end of the ship is broken off, and listing over on it’s starboard side. And the sides of the ship have collapsed in. But it is still in good shape, you can dive through it, with excellent visibility.

You should note now, however, that there is a $25 departure tax from Roatan. It used to be $8 last year, but no more. And at AKR, mixed drinks cost $4.50, beer is $1.50, and the famous and delicious Monkey LaLa costs $5.00. Sodas are $1.00, and diet sodas are $1.50. I thought that a little much for an all-inclusive resort.

We had a wonderful time, thoroughly enjoyed the underwater scenery, and were pleased with everyone’s polite helpfulness. The week went by very fast. By the way, since you mentioned that you thought of visiting Fantasy Island, when we did the Dolphin encounter, one of the couples in our group was staying at Fantasy Island. They said the diving there was not good, because the water was very rough. The only decent dive they had was when they came around to the AKR side of the island. And that was a rough 1 hour boat ride. They said the place was not full (AKR was booked), and that of all the guests, there were only 11 divers. The place is not geared for diving like AKR is. And most guests were not Americans.

Well, thanks for your help and answers. We had a better idea of what was up thanks to you. If you ever make it back there, try and get Wendal for a divemaster. He’s the best.  Next month we’re off to Cozumel.

Take care. And thanks again.


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