JazzDiver's Travelogue is my web adventure into writing, in the interest of providing you with information on dive destinations that is not likely going to be found in most diving magazines. In the magazines, you will find some good descriptions of the actual dive sights, with an overview of a particular resort or dive operation. Talented authors who have developed a keen eye and memory for the details of their underwater exploits can very likely give a better description of the marine environment than I. For the most part, I'll leave my photography to provide what I couldn't in a thousand words. On the other hand, I hope to provide a bit more coverage "topside" than what magazines offer. As I typically don't get more than two or three dive trips in each year, the number of reports presented here will grow rather slowly; nonetheless, I hope you find this information helpful. As always, any comments or questions are welcome.

NOTE: In the interest of adding a little more "life" to my photo collections, some photographs will include recognizable persons. If one of these persons should happen to be you or someone you know, and I have not received permission to use your picture, PLEASE e-mail me and specify whether or not I may continue the use of this image. If requested, I will remove the photograph from this website as quickly as possible; I do ask that you include your telephone number in the e-mail so that I may contact you directly to confirm this as a legitimate request.

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AKR Travelogue Anthony's Key Resort - Roatan, Honduras - 1994/96
Cayman Brac Travelogue Divi Tiara Beach Resort - Cayman Brac, BWI - 1997
Cozumel Travelogue Cozumel, Mexico - Lone Star SCUBA Dive Trips

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