Thanks for visiting, previously known as JazzDiver's Hideaway.  My plans for this web site are to share some of my interests with anyone of similar mind, hopefully providing you with some useful or helpful information along the way. Throughout the site, I'll provide some graphic links to help speed your navigation. The most common link, my "dolphophone" or "saxophin" as I HOME!call it, will always return you to my home page and is usually at the bottom of any page you visit. I'll be experimenting with and learning about the use of frames to better organize and present this site to you.  I recommend viewing this website at a 1024x768 screen resolution and true-color.  If you come across any misspellings, erroneous information, bad hyperlinks, etc., or if you simply have any suggestions or comments on my website, I'll welcome your e-mailing them to me.

If you're really jazzed on SCUBA diving, perhaps you'll find interest in my underwater photography, most of which I'll incorporate into JazzDiver's Travelogue entries for dive trips I've taken. If you live in the Dallas/Fort-Worth metroplex and are interested in Go Diving With LONE STAR SCUBA!learning more about SCUBA diving, I encourage you to contact Lone Star Scuba. I promote them on my website because I have been very pleased with the quality of service I've received from them; they do not sponsor this site. Their flag logo will always provide a hyperlink to their page.

With time, more will come to this site as my creative energies are stimulated. Whatever the content provided, please let me know if you like what you've found. If you have questions on anything, don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks again!