Pronunciation: (tktl, -tl)

Perceptible to the sense of touch
There is no questioning my love for her.
Taking her and holding her, I engulf her with my arms,
My passion, intense and affectionate, touches her wholly.
She is perceptible to it all, she is TACTILE
Characterized by or conveying an illusion of tangibility
Releasing my grasp of her, she stands and turns to face me.
Gazing into her eyes, I bring my hands up to hover aside her temples.
Slowly, my hands begin to travel downward, skin nearly against skin
As I trace the line of her neck, the curve of her breasts, the flat of her stomach, the...
Our body heat merges to form the boundary layer upon which my hand floats.
Excited by the illusion of touching without touch, she is TACTILE
Used for feeling
Turning her and guiding her down to sit in my lap, she lays her head back into my hands.
As my fingertips press gently against her scalp, to the back of her ears, and her lower neck.
Dancing along the path painted by the twisting sweep of my hands,
She feels my warm, moist breath waking the nerves along her spine, electrifying her.
My loving caresses knead her deeply, coaxing every muscle to relax further.
Amidst a sense of relaxation is a pleasurable heightening of sensual tension.
Wrapping her torso with my outstretched palms against her firm body, we can be no closer.
Subtle tremors, muscular reflexes, hearts pounding...we are feeling TACTILE!
Of, relating to, or proceeding from the sense of touch
Of all the feelings and emotions that course through my soul for this woman
I verbalize them in words that reach into her tactile mind, touching her thoughts.

Relating to her how every minute we are together only whets an appetite to know her fully
I express in my writing the passions that I hope will reach her tactile heart, touching her soul.

Proceeding from the sense of touch to a whisper in her ear or a kiss to the cheek,
I orally demonstrate a love that searches to stimulate and nurture all that is tactile about her.

Reaching again to touch her, I yearn for what is tactile, passionate, intelligent, and loving
And welcome, with a heartfelt smile, the day when she reaches out and pulls me in.

AMBRESS, September 2005



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